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Recent projects


Web design

web designWebdesignis a creative processofconstruction andarrangement of graphic elementsbroughttogetherin an interactiveenvironmentwithtechnical means.

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Logo design

logo designThe logo is your company sign. It is the most simple and direct means of promoting your business and the uniqueness of your company.

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Graphic design

Graphic designis an activityin whicha quantity ofinformationgivesa comfortableand aestheticform and is furnished clearly and unambiguously.

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Web development

Web development is a technicalprocess which gives the collected fromstudy and researchinformation finished.

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Multimedia & 3D

Multimedia products and 3D visualizations. Video editing, video advertisements, engineer design. Product design.

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Website support, maintenance, manage, edit and update content on websites. Website analysis and monitoring.

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Radina’s Way new logo

Radina's Way , "R", .Radina's Way corporate logo was created by Marin Petrov (PMD Studio). It combines an abstract way to escape from everyday life, the way to the hotel and the letter "R", the name of the hotel.

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